Fit and Match


Fit verb - To be in agreement on every point.
Usage example: now that you've explained your absence to me, my records and the office's fit

Match is a synonym for fit in keeping topic. In some cases you can use "Match" instead the word "Fit" as a verb or a noun, when it comes to topics like belong, agree, suit, correlation. popular alternative

Nearby Words: fitting, fitted, fitness, fitment


Match verb - Make correspond or harmonize.
Usage example: Match my sweater

Fit is a synonym for match in agreement topic. You can use "Fit" instead the word "Match" as a verb or a noun, if it concerns topics such as keeping, agree, tailor. popular alternative

Nearby Words: matched, matching, matcher

How words are described

close close fit close match
good good fit good match
physical physical fit physical match
best best fit best match
Other adjectives: long, exact, better, perfect, standard, proper, poor, actual, big, great, bad, main, famous, epic, next, last, closest, closer.

Common collocations

mood fit mood match mood
character fit character match character
style fit style match style
image fit image match image
Other words: name, type, form, description, pattern, situation, time, way, tone, characters, personality, theme, hair, version, standards.

Both words in one sentence

  • As long as you are physically fit enough to use the weapons and fighting style that you are trained in, then you can potentially be a match one-on-one for any opponent of similar skill.
  • Tin-Can Robot Tin Can Tommy from The Beano doesn't only fit this trope but has a name to match.
    Source: Tin-Can Robot
  • Light Novel / Dragon Crisis! The business with George and the sword and the mysteriously crossless church doesn't actually fit very well into major Christian denominations, but does seem to match depictions of Shinto tropes.
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