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Fit adjective – Meeting the requirements of a purpose or situation.
Usage example: clothing that is fit for horseback riding

Suitable is a synonym for fit in appropriate topic. In some cases you can use "Suitable" instead an adjective "Fit", when it comes to topics like ability, quantity, right, agree. popular alternative
Nearby Words: fitting, fitted, fitness, fitment
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Suitable adjective – Having the required skills for an acceptable level of performance.
Usage example: with only one suitable candidate it's not difficult to decide for whom to vote

Fit is a synonym for suitable in appropriate topic. You can use "Fit" instead the word "Suitable" as an adjective or a verb, if it concerns topics such as ability, quantity, right, agree. popular alternative
Nearby Words: suit, suited, suitability, suitably, suiting
Synonyms for Suitable

Things that words describes

man fit man suitable man
woman fit woman suitable woman
people fit people suitable people
mate fit mate suitable mate
Other nouns: body, land, material, male, punishment.

Both words in one sentence

  • Theatre / Cabaret That doesn't work so well for the main character of a musical... In the revival, Natasha Richardson played her with a suitable voice, but with added tired inflections that managed to fit both ways.
  • Born in the Wrong Century While his voice was quite suitable for what he did, Pissy (best known as a member of Intestinal Disgorge) also showed at points that he was quite fit to sing Hair Metal or Disco.
  • Pretty in Mink Anna is forced to find some winter clothes after Elsa made an Endless Winter, and the only suitable clothes left at a store conveniently fit her, and include a cape and cap each lined with white fur.
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