Fitting and Unsuitable


Fitting adjective - Meeting the requirements of a purpose or situation.
Usage example: it is only fitting that you should be the one to take her back to the airport since she flew out to see you

Unsuitable is an antonym for fitting in appropriate topic.

Nearby Words: fit, fitted, fittingly, fitter


Unsuitable adjective - Not appropriate for a particular occasion or situation.
Usage example: all the movies playing now are violent or otherwise unsuitable for a child's birthday party

Fitting is an antonym for unsuitable in not proper topic.

Nearby Word: unsuitably

Both words in one sentence

  • It's generally unsuitable as a trading Moth because of its already slow speed, and fitting even a small pod on it can greatly diminish its speed even further, making it possibly the slowest Moth in the game (a Moon Moth fitted with the smallest engine unpodded is even faster).
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