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Fix verb – To cause (something) to hold to another.
Usage example: first, you need to fix those pieces of wood together

Screw is a synonym for fix in pin topic. In some cases you can use "Screw" instead a verb "Fix".
Nearby Words: fixed, fixing, fixate, fixer
Synonyms for Fix


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Screw verb – To twist (something) out of a natural or normal shape or condition.
Fix is a synonym for screw in fasten topic. Sometimes you can use "Fix" instead a verb "Screw".
Nearby Words: screwy, screwball, screwed, screwing
Synonyms for Screw

How words are described

pure pure fix pure screw
long long fix long screw
particular particular fix particular screw
regular regular fix regular screw
Other adjectives: single, effective, real, cool, little, major, minor, aforementioned.

Common collocations

life fix life screw life
people fix people screw people
issue fix issue screw issue
time fix time screw time
Other nouns: way, world, lives, problems.

Both words in one sentence

  • This is one of Ukraine's biggest woes (other than her Yandere siblings's screw ups, which she often has to fix), in Axis Powers Hetalia.
  • Video Game / DragonFable When the cursed Bubble twin resolves to fix all of her and her sisters' screw ups, they finally get treated.
  • Deus ex Machina A Midsummer Night's Dream ends amicably when the fairies step in and fix everything with magic, but it takes them three tries to get it right and in the meantime they screw everything up even worse.
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