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Flexible adjective – Able to bend easily without breaking.
Usage example: the tent was held up by crisscrossing flexible rods threaded through the top

Plastic is a synonym for flexible in pliable topic. In some cases you can use "Plastic" instead an adjective "Flexible", when it comes to topics like limber. popular alternative
Nearby Words: flexibility, flex, flexibly, flexion
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Plastic adjective – Capable of being easily molded or modeled.
Usage example: Silly Putty is famous for being very plastic

Flexible is a synonym for plastic in limber topic. You can use "Flexible" instead an adjective "Plastic", if it concerns topics such as impressionable, pliant, pliable, malleable. popular alternative
Nearby Words: plaster, plasticity, plastically, Plasticine
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Things that words describes

body flexible body plastic body
parts flexible parts plastic parts
skeleton flexible skeleton plastic skeleton
armor flexible armor plastic armor
Other nouns: weapons.

Both words in one sentence

  • Magitek It can apparently assume a lot of properties, from being hard as metal to as flexible as soft plastic, with conductivity being easily manipulated.
    Source: Magitek
  • Video Game / Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Judging by what youngsters like Milena and Alison are wearing, clothes with segments made from flexible, translucent plastic seem to be becoming a thing.
  • Escape Pod A suitcase-sized package that included a deorbiting engine, a parachute, a large plastic bag with flexible heat shield, and canisters of foam that the astronaut would use to fill up their ersatz descent vehicle.
    Source: Escape Pod
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