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Flow verb – To move in a stream.
Pass is a synonym for flow in run topic. In some cases you can use "Pass" instead a verb "Flow", when it comes to topics like process, issue.
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Pass verb – To shift possession of (something) from one person to another.
Flow is a synonym for pass in process topic. Sometimes you can use "Flow" instead a verb "Pass", if it concerns topics such as run, go, go by.
Nearby Words: passage, passed, passing, passable
Synonyms for Pass

How words are described

high high flow high pass
nice nice flow nice pass
long long flow long pass
normal normal flow normal pass
Other adjectives: right, free, small, actual, entire, massive, little, major, extra, underground, different.

Common collocations

way flow way pass way
doors flow doors pass doors

Both words in one sentence

  • On the other hand, sometimes the time flow is a lot more convenient, the "same" amount of time seems to pass when they're in their own world.
  • This restricted blood flow to the head, and if a man happened to fall asleep (or pass out) with it on, they could strangle or even stab them in the throat.
    Source: Fashion Hurts
  • Camping a Crapper In short, an increase in intra-thoracic pressure (such as generated by bearing down to pass urine or stool) causes heart rate to slow dramatically, resulting in a sudden loss of blood flow to the brain followed by loss of consciousness.
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