Fly and Slouch


Fly verb - To move through the air with or as if with outstretched wings.

Slouch is an antonym for fly.

Nearby Words: flying, flyer


Slouch verb - To move slowly.
Usage example: slouched towards the church as if going to his own funeral

Fly is an antonym for slouch.

Nearby Words: slouched, slouching

Both words in one sentence

  • Clever Crows The birds are no slouch either, some hold their nerve when there is fighting nearby and most any quest you can do: fight Snownball, reach the Redcliffe gates, aid a companion, ect one will observe and maybe fly off.
    Source: Clever Crows
  • Literature / Grandmaster of Theft Xanatos Speed Chess: While she is no slouch at figuring out things well in advance, Cassidy adapts on the fly to any new information or complications quickly and finds ways to adapt to or exploit any problems that come up.
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