Flying and Sluggish


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Flying adjective – Moving, proceeding, or acting with great speed.
Usage example: that car was flying as it careened down the streets

Sluggish is an antonym for flying.
Nearby Words: fly, flyer, flyover
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Sluggish adjective – Moving or proceeding at less than the normal, desirable, or required speed.
Usage example: the sluggish pace of the project is worrisome

Flying is an antonym for sluggish.
Nearby Words: sluggishness, sluggishly
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Similar words of flying
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Similar words of sluggish
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Things that words describes

ability flying ability sluggish ability
man flying man sluggish man
ship flying ship sluggish ship
drone flying drone sluggish drone
Other nouns: enemy, beasts, monkeys.

Both words in one sentence

  • Turns Red King Dedede does this in Kirby's Dreamland 2, initially being drowsy and sluggish, but after being damaged enough, he'll start flying into a rage periodically, turning red, emitting steam, and using faster, powered-up versions of his attacks that have explosive aftereffects.
    Source: Turns Red
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