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Focus verb – To fix (as one's attention) steadily toward a central objective.
Usage example: try to focus your attention on the task at hand

Level is a synonym for focus. In some cases you can use "Level" instead a verb "Focus".
Nearby Words: focused, focal, focusing
Synonyms for Focus


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Level verb – To point or turn (something) toward a target or goal.
Usage example: the marksman leveled his gun at the target and fired

Focus is a synonym for level in aim topic. Sometimes you can use "Focus" instead a verb "Level", if it concerns topics such as direct.
Nearby Words: leveled, levelled, leveling
Synonyms for Level

How words are described

individual individual focus individual level
high high focus high level
full full focus full level
equal equal focus equal level
Other adjectives: particular, usual, specific, certain, original, true, single, actual, entire, extreme, main, new, early, general, extra, different, higher, overall, deeper.

Common collocations

place focus place level place
couple focus couple level couple
time focus time level time
light focus light level light
Other nouns: bit, times, chapters.

Both words in one sentence

  • Comic Book / The Ultimates Mob War: Pretty much the main point of emphasis for the New Ultimates as, unlike the previous iteration who dealt with terrorists and invasions, the new Ultimates are more street level and focus on super powered gangs.
  • Mostly because of a shift in focus and level of detail involved.
  • There's a boss health bar, and the level finishes when it reaches 0, but the boss isn't the focus of the level, instead acting as a timer for the level, Hold the Line-style.
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