Food and Meals


Food noun - Substances intended to be eaten.

Meals and food are semantically related in room and board topic. In some cases you can use "Meals" instead a noun "Food", when it comes to topics like foodstuffs.

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Food and meals are semantically related in thing topic. You can use "Food" instead a noun "Meals", if it concerns topics such as cooking, room and board.

Both words in one sentence

  • Food Pills Another filler episode features Ryōri-nin, Cooking Ninjas, who were a type of ninja created to cook filling meals on missions for the very reason that food pills weren't nearly as satisfying as a proper meal.
    Source: Food Pills
  • Film / Last Holiday In the first part of the film, she's seen cooking delectable meals, and then when she goes to Switzerland, the food is amazing.
  • Food Porn From food in daily meals to food-stands in markets and feasts in wedding, you will hungry when you read those chapters.
    Source: Food Porn
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