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Force noun – The use of power to impose one's will on another.
Usage example: a cruel tyrant who disbanded the parliament and ruled by force

Squeeze is a synonym for force in crowd topic. In some cases you can use "Squeeze" instead the word "Force" as a verb or a noun, when it comes to topics like extract, extort, use violence upon. popular alternative
Nearby Words: forceful, forced, forcible, forcefully, forcibly
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Squeeze verb – Press or force.
Force is a synonym for squeeze in extract topic. You can use "Force" instead the word "Squeeze" as a verb or a noun, if it concerns topics such as extort, crowd, cram, pressure. popular alternative
Nearby Words: squeezed, squeezing, squeezable, squeezer, squeezability
Synonyms for Squeeze

How words are described

single single force single squeeze
main main force main squeeze
new new force new squeeze

Common collocations

way force way squeeze way
troops force troops squeeze troops
damage force damage squeeze damage
confession force confession squeeze confession
Other nouns: kids.

Both words in one sentence

  • Twofer Token Minority Even among the Five-Token Band cast of the original Atari Force, Li San O'Rourke stood out for being a Chinese/Irish character, just so the writers could squeeze in an extra ethnicity.
  • One minute Vader is crushing someone's trachea with the Force, the next he's using that same Force to squeeze Tarkin's balls.
  • Exploding Closet Apparently, all household junk is rubbery and spongy enough that you can squeeze a roomful of the stuff into a single foot-deep closet, as long as you're strong enough to force the door shut afterward.
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