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Force noun – The capacity to persuade.
Usage example: surely you were influenced by the force of his arguments?

Weight is a synonym for force in strength topic. In some cases you can use "Weight" instead a noun "Force", when it comes to topics like thing, gravitation, influence, emphasis.
Nearby Words: forceful, forced, forcible, forcefully, forcibly
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Weight noun – The amount that something weighs.
Force is a synonym for weight in gravitation topic. You can use "Force" instead a noun "Weight", if it concerns topics such as effect, influence, heaviness, efficacy.
Nearby Words: weigh, weighty, weighted, weighting, weighed
Synonyms for Weight

How words are described

physical physical force physical weight
full full force full weight
sheer sheer force sheer weight
small small force small weight
Other adjectives: actual, entire, real, massive, large, great, excessive, personal, combined, political, greater, larger.

Both words in one sentence

  • Power of Trust Just as a drill takes most of its power out of it's weight and the force behind it, but still relies on the tip to actually pierce the target.
  • Armed Legs By focusing the full force and weight of your body behind a small enough point, they could be fairly easily driven through even well-crafted chain armor.
    Source: Armed Legs
  • Rope Bridge Unsure if it will support the truck's weight, they force a native child to drive it over for them.
    Source: Rope Bridge
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