Foreign and Outside


Foreign adjective - Not being a vital part of or belonging to something.
Usage example: pediatricians often have to remove peas or other foreign bodies from inside the ears of curious toddlers

Outside is a synonym for foreign in experience topic. In some cases you can use "Outside" instead an adjective "Foreign", when it comes to topics like alien, overseas, unassimilable.

Nearby Word: foreigner


Outside adjective - From or between other countries.
Usage example: developing nations need outside help

Foreign is a synonym for outside in extraneous topic. You can use "Foreign" instead an adjective "Outside", if it concerns topics such as external.

Nearby Word: outsider

Both words in one sentence

  • Foreign Fanservice The Jungle village she lives in also seems to be outside of Japan, since they called some Japanese dude Guu swallowed into one of her "stomachs" foreign.
  • Useful Notes / Prime Ministers of Ireland The term "Prime Minister" is only used by foreign media, and occasionally foreign leaders, as the word "Taoiseach" would simply fall on confused ears when spoken outside of Ireland.
  • Evolving Credits In the case of anime or other shows being aired outside their home country, these changed credits may or may not carry over into foreign broadcasts, with overseas airings using only the first version of the credits or different ones entirely instead.
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