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Foreign adjective – Being, relating to, or characteristic of a country other than one's own.
Usual is an antonym for foreign in domestic topic.
Nearby Word: foreigner
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Usual adjective – Accepted, used, or practiced by most people.
Foreign is an antonym for usual in topics: common, unusual.
Nearby Words: usually, usualness
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character foreign character usual character
characters foreign characters usual characters
version foreign version usual version

Both words in one sentence

  • A lot of their talent have also raised their foreign profiles on Robert Rodriguez's wrestling show, Lucha Underground.As usual, you can find the basics at The Other Wiki.
  • Animation Age Ghetto Apparently the concept of "appealing a different demographics than usual" is completely foreign to them.
  • Series / Engine Sentai Go-onger Birca has a handful of gratuitous foreign phrases, mainly Italian, some Spanish, in addition to his usual one.
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