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Forward adverb – In a forward direction.
Usage example: they went slowly forward in the mud

Onwards is a synonym for forward in onward topic. In some cases you can use "Onwards" instead an adverb "Forward", when it comes to topics like ahead.
Nearby Words: forwards, forwarded, forwardness, forwarding, forwarder
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Onwards adverb – In a forward direction.
Forward is a synonym for onwards in ahead topic. You can use "Forward" instead an adverb "Onwards", if it concerns topics such as in front or advance of.
Nearby Word: onward
Synonyms for Onwards

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  • Cool Guns / Machine Guns It's actually a hybrid; the forward half from the foregrip onwards is iconic of the M60.
  • Pokémon X and Y begins the trend of utilizing the cloud service-based Pokemon Bank, which is intended to allow for forward compatibility of pokemon between games from the sixth generation onwards.
  • Mid-Battle Tea Break The results have always been a sendup of the traditional Henshin Hero or Sentai Super Hero genre, but from EX2 onwards, there's an alternate version (executed by pressing Back instead of Forward) which includes a Mid Battle Tea Break, complete with mini fridge, tea and coffee table.
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