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Found verb – Use as a basis for; found on.
Ground is a synonym for found in activity topic. In some cases you can use "Ground" instead a verb "Found", when it comes to topics like deed, over, put on a base. popular alternative
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Ground verb – To find a basis.
Usage example: you're grounding your entire case on circumstantial evidence

Found is a synonym for ground in base topic. You can use "Found" instead a verb "Ground", if it concerns topics such as activity, establish, deed, over. popular alternative
Nearby Words: grounded, groundwork, groundless, grounding, groundsman
Synonyms for Ground

Common collocations

friend found friend ground friend
guy found guy ground guy
boy found boy ground boy
thanks found thanks ground thanks
Other nouns: job, body, audience, time, story, film, sword.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / V/H/S The dead pig found by the characters in "Tuesday the 17th" has its intestine draped over the ground, just like what happens to Wendy at the end.
    Source: Film / V/H/S
  • Overly Polite Pals On Mutts, Mooch and Earl do this over a cream puff that Mooch found on the ground.
  • Square/Cube Law The Walking with Dinosaurs animators found that diplodoci would have to keep three feet on the ground at all times or they would trip over while designing early models.
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