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Fraction noun – A broken or irregular part of something that often remains incomplete.
Share is a synonym for fraction in part topic. In some cases you can use "Share" instead a noun "Fraction", when it comes to topics like percentage.
Nearby Words: fractious, fractional, fractionally, fractionate, fractionated
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Share noun – Something belonging to, due to, or contributed by an individual member of a group.
Fraction is a synonym for share in part topic. You can use "Fraction" instead a noun "Share", if it concerns topics such as portion.
Nearby Words: shared, sharing, sharer, shareholder, shareable
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How words are described

good good fraction good share
similar similar fraction similar share
considerable considerable fraction considerable share
substantial substantial fraction substantial share
Other adjectives: fair, single, small, large, huge, tiny, decent, respectable, major, minor, significant, larger, smaller, last, sizable.

Both words in one sentence

  • Identical Grandson Even more hilarious since humans share something like 99% of the same DNA, which means that Janeway's "fraction" of O'Donnell's DNA is much bigger than 7 seems to think.
  • The fraction of mages among humans is increasing with the millenia-long exposure to background magic and the increasing share of Chud' and Lyud' genes in the population.
    Source: Witch Species
  • Creator / FUNimation Circa the New Tens, the only other large distributors are (more or less) Viz Media (which is also a major manga distributor) and Sentai Filmworks (a successor company for the remnants of ADV), but they used to have a small fraction of the market share that Funimation enjoys.
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