Fragile and Strong


Fragile adjective - Easily broken.
Usage example: attaching the beautiful but fragile ornaments to the Christmas tree is always a touchy operation

Strong is an antonym for fragile in topics: fine, breakable.

Nearby Word: fragility


Strong adjective - Able to withstand hardship, strain, or exposure.
Usage example: the doctor soon declared her strong enough to go home from the hospital

Fragile is an antonym for strong in topics: determined, healthy.

Nearby Word: strongly

Both words in one sentence

  • She's only physically fragile compared to super-strong people like Sal or Beef, though, but her main vulnerability is her emotional and mental stability... Hence, still fragile, just in a different way.
  • Fan Fic / Queen of All Oni Fragile Speedster: As Right points out during their fight, Viper is fast and can get in some strong hits, but can't really take any.
  • Kaji warns him that she is not as strong as he thinks and she is in reality very fragile.
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