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Free adjective – Giving or sharing in abundance and without hesitation.
Usage example: the lottery winner was very free with his money

Generous is a synonym for free in give topic. In some cases you can use "Generous" instead an adjective "Free".
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Generous adjective – Giving or sharing in abundance and without hesitation.
Usage example: a civic leader who is very generous with his money and time

Free is a synonym for generous in liberal topic. You can use "Free" instead an adjective "Generous", if it concerns topics such as character trait, give, giving.
Nearby Words: generosity, generously
Synonyms for Generous

Things that words describes

man free man generous man
woman free woman generous woman
people free people generous people
range free range generous range
Other nouns: hand, time, use, shot, actions, humans.

Both words in one sentence

  • Odd Friendship The sequel series The Legend of Korra has (or had, given one half of the friendship has passed by the time the series starts) Toph's perpetually, existentially grouchy daughter Lin, and the kind, generous and free-spirited Avatar Aang.
  • Video Game / Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia While he outright states he won't give you his wares for free after you give him the ore necessary to make it, he then adds "however, I do pay my suppliers" and gives you a generous sum for the ore you gave him.
  • A lady in the Elder's house there will offer to buy it off you for 100G more than you paid for it, but you can also give it to her for free - in which case she promises to teach her children to be equally generous.
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