Fruition and Realization


Fruition noun - The state of being actual or complete.
Usage example: when she landed the lead in a Broadway play, a lifelong dream was brought to fruition

Realization is a synonym for fruition in fulfilment topic. In some cases you can use "Realization" instead a noun "Fruition", when it comes to topics like achievement, accomplishment, do, effectuation. popular alternative

Nearby Words: fruitful, fruit, fruitage, fruiting, fruited


Realization noun - The state of being actual or complete.
Usage example: this research paper is the realization of an entire year's work
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Synonyms for Realization

Fruition is a synonym for realization in do topic. You can use "Fruition" instead a noun "Realization", if it concerns topics such as effectuation. popular alternative

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full full fruition full realization

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  • Screw Destiny Eventually, she comes to the realization that the prophecy only came to fruition because she allowed it to.
    Source: Screw Destiny
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