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Function noun – An assignment at which one regularly works for pay.
Usage example: what's your function in this company?

Office is a synonym for function in capacity topic. In some cases you can use "Office" instead a noun "Function", when it comes to topics like purpose, duty, principle, profession. popular alternative
Nearby Words: functional, functioning, functioned, functionary, functionality
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Office noun – The actions and activities assigned to or required or expected of a person or group.
Function is a synonym for office in post topic. You can use "Function" instead a noun "Office", if it concerns topics such as business, duty, principle, profession. popular alternative
Nearby Words: official, officer
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How words are described

full full function full office
regular regular function regular office
original original function original office
actual actual function actual office
Other adjectives: entire, real, little, main, secret, new, major, official, higher.

Both words in one sentence

  • Parodied in an Onion news article about the President appointing a gay man to the office of National Homosexual, whose sole function is to give heterosexuals relationship advice.
    Source: Magical Queer
  • Chapter 41: "Bravery is not a function of robotics." "I... kind of of expected a man in a suit smoking a cigarette in a dark ominous office," said Adam.
  • Detective Lance's daughter Laurel serves a similar function (and similarly goes back and forth in her support/disapproval of the Arrow) as a "friend in the DA's office." until she takes up her sister's mantle and becomes the superhero Black Canary
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