Fuss and Rest


Fuss noun - A state of noisy, confused activity.
Usage example: the company managed the move into the new building without any undue fuss

Rest is an antonym for fuss in disturbance topic.

Nearby Words: fussy, fussed, fussily, fussing


Rest noun - Freedom from activity or labor.

Fuss is an antonym for rest.

Nearby Words: restless, rested, restive, resting, restful

How words are described

brief brief fuss brief rest
big big fuss big rest
little little fuss little rest
less less fuss less rest

Both words in one sentence

  • Pokémon Speak Widget Series: The rest of the world simply couldn't understand what all the fuss about Mr Blobby is about.
  • Straw Feminist aka: Straw Feminism The speech was later cut from the pilot's re-release as a DVD movie, and Carter proceeded to spend the rest of the show kicking ass and taking names without making a fuss over her gender.
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