Future and Prospective


Future adjective - Of a time after the present.
Usage example: we must preserve our national parks in all their glory so that future generations can experience the majesty of nature

Prospective is a synonym for future in fate topic. In some cases you can use "Prospective" instead an adjective "Future", when it comes to topics like ultimate, destined, coming, forthcoming. popular alternative

Nearby Words: futurist, futurism


Prospective adjective - Of or concerned with or related to the future.
Usage example: prospective earnings
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Synonyms for Prospective

Future is a synonym for prospective in fate topic. You can use "Future" instead an adjective "Prospective", if it concerns topics such as potential, ultimate, coming, expected. popular alternative

Both words in one sentence

  • Bread and Circuses Margaery Tyrell, prospective and future Queen, wins the hearts and minds of her subjects by personally bringing food to war orphans.
  • Friend to All Children His skill with children is considered a major plus for him as prospective husband material by his future wives.
  • Synopsis: A future fic from Warren's prospective.
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