Future and Time


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Future noun – Time that is to come.
Time is an antonym for future.
Nearby Words: futurist, futurism
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Time noun – A particular point at which an event takes place.
Future is an antonym for time in period topic.
Nearby Words: timed, timely, timing, timeout, timeliness
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How words are described

good good future good time
full full future full time
best best future best time
long long future long time
Other adjectives: particular, better, perfect, present, current, original, many, single, actual, entire, real, big, great, happy, possible, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Tomato in the Mirror He later travels to the past and splits in two, with the original Fry returning to the future and the time loop created copy staying and living 12 years in Fry's original time.
  • Instead, the heroes grab John Doe and move him in time to the future (or the far past), allowing everyone in John's own time to think he's dead, thus preserving both the timeline and John's life.
  • Future Loser He is then confronted by a man claiming to be Cartman's future self, a successful time-traveling businessman, who congratulates him on reaching the turning point in his life.
    Source: Future Loser
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