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Gab verb – To engage in casual or rambling conversation.
Usage example: spent the time she should have been working gabbing with friends instead

Talk is a synonym for gab in chatter topic. In some cases you can use "Talk" instead the word "Gab" as a noun or a verb, when it comes to topics like chat.
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Talk noun – Friendly, informal conversation or an instance of this.
Usage example: sat down by the fire and had a nice little talk about what was new in the village

Gab is a synonym for talk in inform topic. You can use "Gab" instead the word "Talk" as a verb or a noun, if it concerns topics such as gossip, yak. informal substitute
Nearby Words: talking, talkative, talker, talkie
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little little gab little talk

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  • In Glasgow patter, a gabshite is a gossipy person, coming from the word "gab", meaning talk.
  • Spoonerism: After having accidentally signed up to give a children's talk, Adrian immediately puts his foot on it by starting with a spoonerism- Adrian: Once upon a time there was a crappy little gab called Hordon - I mean a happy little crab called Gordon!
  • You Don't Look Like You In The Wild Thornberrys Movie, the shaman who gave Eliza Thornberry the ability to talk to animals looks drastically different from how he appeared on the show's opening and in the episode "Gift of Gab".
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