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Game noun – A method worked out in advance for achieving some objective.
Usage example: the crook told his accomplice, “Here's the game: look surprised when the police ask about the money”

Plan is a synonym for game in event topic. In some cases you can use "Plan" instead a noun "Game", when it comes to topics like plot, scheme, entertainment.
Nearby Words: gaming, gamed, gamesome, gamesmanship, gamer
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Plan noun – A method worked out in advance for achieving some objective.
Usage example: there is a contingency plan in the office for handling almost any emergency

Game is a synonym for plan in event topic. Sometimes you can use "Game" instead a noun "Plan".
Nearby Words: plant, planned, planed, planner, planing
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How words are described

old old game old plan
good good game good plan
full full game full plan
best best game best plan
Other adjectives: long, complete, original, single, simple, actual, entire, real, big, dangerous, main, new, final, next, last, latest, different, said, previous.

Both words in one sentence

  • In order to prevent people from using this as an excuse to pause the game and plan ganks or other elaborate plans, any person can force-unpause the game.
  • Cliffhanger: The game ends just as the plot starts to open up; according to the devs, they plan(ned) to release additional content for the game episodically.
  • Video Game / Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Both Bowsers plan to betray each other late in the game, and plan to use the book to do it.
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