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General adjective – Belonging or relating to the whole.
Usage example: there's been a general improvement in the economy

Particular is an antonym for general in topics: vague, special, common, comprehensive, inexact.
Nearby Words: generate, generally, generation, generalization, generic
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Particular adjective – Of, relating to, or belonging to a single person.
Usage example: that particular mug is Mike's

General is an antonym for particular in topics: specific, notable, exact, common, finicky.
Nearby Words: particle, particularly, particularize, particularity, particularise
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Things that words describes

ability general ability particular ability
style general style particular style
order general order particular order
note general note particular note
Other nouns: area, type, series, case, use, way, example, level, location, story, theme, hatred.

Both words in one sentence

  • Revenge Against Men: A woman seeks to avenge herself against men in general or a particular man who has done her wrong.
  • It might, through standard symbolism, mean gold, or something golden, love in general or a particular pair of lovers.
  • So instead of going after John Kerry, Tashjian inserted a faceless Democrat and decided to attack the Party in general, and Bill Clinton in particular.
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