Gentle and Sheer


Gentle adjective - Not harsh or stern especially in nature or effect.

Sheer is an antonym for gentle.


Sheer adjective - Having an incline approaching the perpendicular.
Usage example: the sheer slopes of the ravine

Gentle is an antonym for sheer in steep topic.

Nearby Words: sheered, sheering

Both words in one sentence

  • Tabletop Game / Iron Kingdoms Gentle Giant: Harkevich's beard and sheer bulk is intimidating, but he is a Papa Wolf to his men and the civilians that he is protecting.
  • Manly Gay Brad Evans is normally gentle and soft-spoken outside battle, and would be Straight Gay in his relationship with Billy Pilder, if not for sheer appearances.
    Source: Manly Gay
  • Sissy Villain Bayonetta 2 introduces The Prophet, Loptr who, despite being a tall and well built man, wears a sheer blue cloak, powder blue lip-stick, and barely speaks above a gentle whisper.
    Source: Sissy Villain
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