Ghastly and Horrible


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Ghastly adjective – Extremely disturbing or repellent.
Usage example: a ghastly murder that shocked even hard-bitten detectives

Horrible is a synonym for ghastly in good topic. In some cases you can use "Horrible" instead the word "Ghastly" as an adjective or a noun, when it comes to topics like rough, terrible, frightful, beautiful. informal substitute
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Horrible adjective – Extremely disturbing or repellent.
Usage example: a horrible car accident that left eyewitnesses in a state of shock

Ghastly is a synonym for horrible in dreadful topic. You can use "Ghastly" instead an adjective "Horrible", if it concerns topics such as good, unpleasant, nasty, terrible. popular alternative
Nearby Words: horrid, horror, horrify, horribly
Synonyms for Horrible

Things that words describes

truth ghastly truth horrible truth
fate ghastly fate horrible fate
place ghastly place horrible place
death ghastly death horrible death
Other nouns: way, example, voice, trauma, monster, crime, curse, wounds, scars, crimes.

Both words in one sentence

  • Or Was It a Dream? That is to say, the man will have a ghastly nightmare, then as the most horrible part plays out, will startle awake and sigh in relief... only to realize he's in a worse nightmare.
  • Side-Effects Include... Nergal tells his son to spike some of Granny Grim's pizza sauce with his "horrible, ghastly elixir." When Nergal Jr.
  • Murder by Inaction Killer Toon: Mi-suk's mother suffers from a horrible facial disfigurement (cause unspecified) that includes among other things a missing eye, ghastly scarring, and holes in her cheek.
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