Ghost and Shadow


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Ghost noun – The soul of a dead person thought of especially as appearing to living people.
Usage example: looked for ghosts in the graveyard on Halloween

Shadow is a synonym for ghost in anticipation topic. In some cases you can use "Shadow" instead a noun "Ghost", when it comes to topics like spirit, trace, big, glimmer. popular alternative
Nearby Words: ghostly, ghosted, ghosting
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Shadow noun – A tiny often physical indication of something lost or vanished.
Usage example: a run-down mansion that is only a shadow of its former glory

Ghost is a synonym for shadow in anticipation topic. You can use "Ghost" instead a noun "Shadow", if it concerns topics such as spirit, vision, hint, trace. popular alternative
Nearby Words: shade, shady, shadowy, shadowed, shadowing
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How words are described

human human ghost human shadow
old old ghost old shadow
female female ghost female shadow
normal normal ghost normal shadow
Other adjectives: original, single, powerful, actual, monstrous, huge, evil, little, main, young, mysterious, last, literal, said, pink, giant, demonic, creepy, undead.

Both words in one sentence

  • Dead Person Impersonation In most cases, the Spirit appears as an incorporeal ghost, a shadow of the person they are impersonating.
  • Gentleman Ghost and Shadow Thief spend most of their time fighting Green Lantern instead of Hawkman, although it is due to their Love Triangle involving Hawkgirl.
  • Living Shadow Shadow, in Casey Fry's Death Speaker is a ghost who takes form in the shadows of other people, particularly in the main character, Ricker's, shadow.
    Source: Living Shadow
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