Gift and Weakness


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Gift noun – A special and usually inborn ability.
Usage example: has a gift for making guests feel right at home

Weakness is an antonym for gift in talent topic.
Nearby Words: gifted, gifting
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Weakness noun – The quality or state of lacking physical strength or vigor.
Gift is an antonym for weakness.
Nearby Words: weak, weaken, weakly, weakening, weakling
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Similar words of weakness
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How words are described

human human gift human weakness
special special gift special weakness
particular particular gift particular weakness
common common gift common weakness
Other adjectives: natural, specific, original, true, actual, real, large, great, huge, innate, personal, unique, traditional, possible, amazing, greater, greatest, biggest.

Both words in one sentence

  • Pinball / Lethal Weapon 3 The biggest weakness is in the playfield art, which does not do any of the series' stars any favors.This game was used as the basis for an "Aaron Spelling" pinball, a gift from his wife and family.
  • Melle when she's first suffering the effects of the Drum wasting gift in Gifts, but it quickly progresses past her ability to power through the increasing weakness of body.
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