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Giggle noun – An explosive sound that is a sign of amusement.
Usage example: couldn't help but giggle at his remark

Laughter is a synonym for giggle in silly laugh topic. In some cases you can use "Laughter" instead a noun "Giggle". popular alternative
Nearby Words: giggling, giggled, giggly
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Laughter noun – An explosive sound that is a sign of amusement.
Usage example: the nervous producers were reassured by the sounds of laughter coming from the theater

Giggle is a synonym for laughter in amusement topic. You can use "Giggle" instead a noun "Laughter", if it concerns topics such as silly laugh. popular alternative
Nearby Words: laugh, laughing
Synonyms for Laughter

How words are described

distinctive distinctive giggle distinctive laughter
sinister sinister giggle sinister laughter
childish childish giggle childish laughter
innocent innocent giggle innocent laughter
Other adjectives: hysterical, demented, insane, psychotic, mad, maniacal, crazed, creepy, manic, high-pitched, sadistic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Western Animation / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Stock Sound Effect: The laughter heard when the Humane Six arrive at the Canterlot High Fall Formal is the same clip of laughter heard at the end of Pinkie Pie's "Giggle at the Ghosties" song.
  • Video Game / Space Channel 5 In parts where the English version would be in full out insane laughter, all you hear is this sadistic giggle.
  • Series / Ever Decreasing Circles Annoying Laugh: Howard's high-pitched giggle is clearly intended to be annoying, and often seems to prompt uncomfortable laughter in the live audiences.
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