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Give verb – To make a present of.
Usage example: math tutors generously give their time to help students after school

Present is a synonym for give in contribute topic. In some cases you can use "Present" instead the word "Give" as a verb or a noun, when it comes to topics like bestow, donate, pronounce, communicate. popular alternative
Nearby Words: giving, given, giver
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Present verb – To bring before the public in performance or exhibition.
Usage example: we will present a performance of Our Town tomorrow evening

Give is a synonym for present in activity topic. You can use "Give" instead a verb "Present", if it concerns topics such as action, bestow, contribute, donate. popular alternative
Nearby Words: presentation, presence, presented, presently, presentable
Synonyms for Present

How words are described

human human give human present
good good give good present
nice nice give nice present
perfect perfect give perfect present
Other adjectives: true, big, huge, blue, little, bad, dark, main, famous, official, worst.

Common collocations

character give character present character
choice give choice present choice
idea give idea present idea
look give look present look
Other nouns: reason, number, piece, way, example, bit, information, gift, message.

Both words in one sentence

  • One of the many sidequests in Xenoblade requires you to fetch a jewel used as an engagement present and give it to one of two corners of a love triangle.
    Source: Morton's Fork
  • Characters / Warhammer 40000 Imperial Guard Those commissars present alongside an officer generally prefer to let the officer give the rousing speeches instead to help reinforce their authority, though one who is lacking in skill can expect the commissar to give them a few pointers when the troops are out of earshot.
  • Synopsis: Shortly after Yavin, an officer loses a bet and has to give Lord Vader a Life Day present.
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