Go away and Leave

Go away

Go away verb - Move away from a place into another direction.

Leave is a synonym for go away in depart topic. In some cases you can use "Leave" instead the word "Go away" as a verb or a interjection, when it comes to topics like action, leave hastily, be in motion, leave empty. popular alternative


Leave verb - Go away from a place.
Usage example: At what time does your train leave?

Go away is a synonym for leave in depart topic. You can use "Go away" instead the word "Leave" as a verb or a interjection, if it concerns topics such as approach. popular alternative

Nearby Words: leaving, leaven, leaved, leaver

Both terms in one sentence

  • Their marriage really seems to be a happy one, until he brings up the topic of children and Liz receives a prophecy that stats that she should go away and leave things behind.
  • So much so that when Roy dies, he offers his father a bargain: Roy will only cooperate if his father agrees to go away and leave the entire family alone for eternity.
  • What I want is for you to go away and leave me in peace.
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