Goddess and Witch


Goddess noun - A lovely woman.
Usage example: like any guy in love, he thought his new girlfriend was a goddess

Witch is an antonym for goddess.


Witch noun - A woman believed to have often harmful supernatural powers.

Goddess is an antonym for witch.

Nearby Words: witching, witchery, witched

Both words in one sentence

  • The main antagonist (avatar) is named Barbara Jagger, and Wake's holiday domicile - that turns out to be a trap - is named Birdleg Cabin (both references to the slavic witch/goddess Baba Yaga who resides in a bird-legged cabin).
  • Originally Baba Yaga was a minor goddess, but after Christianity came to the town, she was demonized as an evil witch.
  • The Hecate Sisters: The witch's unnamed goddess at one point appears to Diana in a moment of need as a sprightly young huntress, and an elderly ancestor of hers.
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