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Good adjective – Meeting the requirements of a purpose or situation.
Usage example: those rotten apples aren't good to eat

Respectable is a synonym for good in considerable topic. In some cases you can use "Respectable" instead an adjective "Good", when it comes to topics like scrupulous, moral, useful.
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Respectable adjective – Having a good reputation especially in a field of knowledge.
Usage example: no respectable dietician would advise people to eat just one kind of food

Good is a synonym for respectable in substantial topic. You can use "Good" instead the word "Respectable" as an adjective or a noun, if it concerns topics such as reputable, honourable.
Nearby Words: respect, respected, respectful, respectability, respectably
Synonyms for Respectable

Things that words describes

person good person respectable person
character good character respectable character
life good life respectable life
work good work respectable work
Other nouns: people, job, name, amount, place, number, way, characters, game, fight, damage, fighter, years, points, reviews.

Both words in one sentence

  • Music / Georges Brassens Moral Guardians: " La Mauvaise Réputation" has the recurring line "No, good/respectable folk don't like it when // One follows a different path than theirs." Odd Friendship: with the famous "singing priest", Père Duval.
  • Comic Book / Secret Wars (2015) Unlike some examples, Cyclops-Phoenix gets a few good hits in, instead of being No Selled, and considering how powerful the Beyonders - whose power Doom stole - were, it's fairly respectable.
  • Literature / Doctor Dolittle Black Sheep: The good Doctor is this, from the point of view of his respectable sister Sarah.
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