Good and Sable


Good adjective - Based on sound reasoning or information.

Sable is an antonym for good.

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Sable adjective - Having the color of soot or coal.
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Good is an antonym for sable in very dark in color topic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Wrestling / Sable That being said, she could pull off some good moves, namely the Sable Bomb, the TKO and even a rana during the Sable/Edge-Mero/Jacqueline match at SummerSlam 98.
  • Naked in Mink There was a series called Good And Evil, and in one scene, the "Evil" character tried to seduce a guy by wearing nothing but a sable coat and flashing him.
    Source: Naked in Mink
  • Also, he has an annual dinner with the mercenary Silver Sable in her role as ambassador for the neighbouring country- apparently, she looks forward to them as Doom is a very good host.
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