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Good adjective – Based on sound reasoning or information.
Superior is a synonym for good in pleasant topic. In some cases you can use "Superior" instead the word "Good" as an adjective or a noun or an adverb, when it comes to topics like fine, characteristic, reliable.
Nearby Words: goodness, goodly, goody
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Superior adjective – Of the very best kind.
Usage example: a five-star restaurant known for its superior wine list

Good is a synonym for superior in pleasant topic. Sometimes you can use "Good" instead the word "Superior" as an adjective or a noun or an adverb, if it concerns topics such as better, reliable.
Nearby Words: superiority, superiorly, superioress
Synonyms for Superior

How words are described

old old good old superior
direct direct good direct superior
actual actual good actual superior
excellent excellent good excellent superior
Other adjectives: social, new, former, competent, local.

Things that words describes

sense good sense superior sense
character good character superior character
work good work superior work
people good people superior people
Other nouns: number, way, game, damage, weapon, fighter.

Both words in one sentence

  • This is for good and for bad, good in that he now surpasses Sephiroth bad in that Jenova and Hojo now find him the superior model.
  • Circular Reasoning Scott: "They were better, because they were superior." That's a good point, on account of its quality.
  • Film / The Hustler Always Someone Better: As good as Fast Eddie may be at pool, he will not be satisfied until he has beaten the one player he sees as his possible superior, Minnesota Fats.
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