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Good example

Good example noun - Something to be imitated.
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Synonyms for Good example

Model is a synonym for good example in deed topic. In some cases you can use "Model" instead a noun phrase "Good example", when it comes to topics like ideal instance.


Model noun - Something to be imitated.
Usage example: a model of clarity

Good example is a synonym for model in deed topic. You can use "Good example" instead a noun "Model".

Both terms in one sentence

  • Video Game / Mega Man Star Force The Transer model terminal in the first game's another good example — everyone in town's walking around with a Nintendo DS strapped to their forearm.
  • Off Model / Video Games Most of the animated cutscenes are heavily off model and colored oddly, so it's compensated with a lot of the action happening in extreme closeups (the opening of The Answer where Aigis and Metis are fighting Ken and Akihiko is a good example).
  • Off Model / Anime and Manga A good example of Off Model animation in the anime version of Naruto and Sasuke fight at Valley Of The End has to be the face Sasuke makes when Naruto hits him in one scene as well as that one scene where Naruto's clones act as missiles.
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