Grade and Quality


Grade noun - Degree of excellence.
Usage example: only motor oil of the highest grade for his fancy sports car

Quality is a synonym for grade in rank topic. In some cases you can use "Quality" instead a noun "Grade", when it comes to topics like class, be. popular alternative


Quality noun - Degree of excellence.
Usage example: we expect a high quality of service in such a fancy restaurant

Grade is a synonym for quality in standard topic. You can use "Grade" instead a noun "Quality", if it concerns topics such as value, rank, be. popular alternative

How words are described

good good grade good quality
high high grade high quality
low low grade low quality
special special grade special quality
Other adjectives: best, particular, better, certain, average, original, top, single, poor, actual, superior, bad, decent, professional, improved, less, highest, different, higher, overall, varying.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Ryzom What kind of material you use to make an item out of, along with its grade and quality, will determine its stats.
  • The B Grade Arcology is upper middle class, with comfortable housing units, upscale industry, and high quality shopping, but it doesnt extend into the stratospheric level like the a grade.
  • Rule of Cool It would take two applications of the quality to get military-grade armor and the assault cannon, but yes.
    Source: Rule of Cool
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