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Grasp noun – The ability to direct the course of something.
Knowledge is a synonym for grasp in understanding topic. In some cases you can use "Knowledge" instead a noun "Grasp".
Nearby Words: grasping, grasped, grasper
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Knowledge noun – A state of being aware.
Usage example: my knowledge that I was watching a true story made the film more compelling

Grasp is a synonym for knowledge in understanding topic. You can use "Grasp" instead a noun "Knowledge", if it concerns topics such as information.
Nearby Word: knowledgeable
Synonyms for Knowledge

How words are described

good good grasp good knowledge
full full grasp full knowledge
great great grasp great knowledge
little little grasp little knowledge
Other adjectives: impressive, excellent, decent, innate, ultimate, incredible, advanced, instinctive, comprehensive, limited, basic, rudimentary, magical, newfound.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / Rome It shows his knowledge of Roman politics, which his mother can never quite grasp.
    Source: Series / Rome
  • Doing It for the Art Phineas and Ferb makes obscure socio-cultural references in full knowledge that their primary demographic won't grasp them.
  • Western Animation / JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time Sequel Hook: The movie ends with Grodd ominously claiming that with his newfound knowledge of the future, the key to vengeance against the Justice League is in his grasp.
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