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Grasp noun – The limit of capability.
Range is a synonym for grasp in reach topic. In some cases you can use "Range" instead a noun "Grasp", when it comes to topics like ability.
Nearby Words: grasping, grasped, grasper
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Range noun – The limit of capability.
Grasp is a synonym for range in ability topic. You can use "Grasp" instead a noun "Range", if it concerns topics such as reach.
Nearby Words: ranged, rangy, ranging
Synonyms for Range

How words are described

good good grasp good range
full full grasp full range
best best grasp best range
better better grasp better range
Other adjectives: reasonable, poor, great, little, impressive, excellent, decent, incredible, less, limited, amazing, realistic.

Common collocations

power grasp power range power
part grasp part range part
form grasp form range form
little grasp little range little
Other nouns: personalities.

Both words in one sentence

  • Squall can be rather difficult to grasp early on because unlike most other characters, most of Squall's most damaging attacks are effectively at zero range.
  • Friendly Sniper She is also the single most talented sniper in Europe, with an operational range few 'downtimers' are actually able to grasp.
  • In the Total War games, the computer doesn't seem to grasp that positioning its troops within range of your archers or turrets is a bad idea.
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