Grave and Silly


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Grave adjective – Having a matter of importance as its topic.
Usage example: leaving gossip and celebrities to other magazines, this journal focuses on the grave issues confronting the nation

Silly is an antonym for grave in topics: serious, crucial.
Nearby Words: gravely, gravel, graved, graver, graveled
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Silly adjective – Lacking in seriousness or maturity.
Usage example: the matinee show was filled with a bunch of silly children making noise

Grave is an antonym for silly.
Nearby Word: silliness
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Similar words of grave
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Similar words of silly
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How words are described

fake fake grave fake silly
plain plain grave plain silly
big big grave big silly
secret secret grave secret silly
Other adjectives: less.

Things that words describes

man grave man silly man
story grave story silly story
words grave words silly words
accent grave accent silly accent
Other nouns: voice, mistake, crime, pun, mistakes.

Both words in one sentence

  • Graveyard Quest: A surreal and somewhat silly webcomic where a grave digger goes on a journey to Hell when his dead father steals his mother's bones.
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