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Grounds noun – Your basis for belief or disbelief; knowledge on which to base belief.
Park is a synonym for grounds in nature topic. In some cases you can use "Park" instead a noun "Grounds", when it comes to topics like place, yard, square.
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Park noun – The area around and belonging to a building.
Grounds is a synonym for park in parkland topic. You can use "Grounds" instead a noun "Park", if it concerns topics such as nature, place, yard, square.
Nearby Words: parked, parkway, parkland, parking, parky
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  • Big Fancy House That said, Jefferson did seriously reduce the size of the White House grounds, allowing Pennsylvania Avenue to cut across them much closer to the house than planned, and repurposing the land north of Pennsylvania Avenue as a public park (today called Lafayette Square).
  • Light Novel / Amagi Brilliant Park Chekhov's Gun: The empty stadium on the park's grounds that was shown in episode 05 of the anime.
  • Misplaced Wildlife A park ranger on Bones once tried to kick the show's crime scene investigators out of her park, on the grounds that their activities might disrupt a migratory flight path for a rare species of booby.
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