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Group noun – A number of things considered as a unit.
Number is a synonym for group. In some cases you can use "Number" instead the word "Group" as a noun or a verb.
Nearby Words: grouping, grouped, groupment
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Number noun – A character used to represent a mathematical value.
Group is a synonym for number in people topic. Sometimes you can use "Group" instead the word "Number" as a noun or a verb.
Nearby Words: numberless, numbered, numbering
Synonyms for Number

How words are described

good good group good number
musical musical group musical number
similar similar group similar number
specific specific group specific number
Other adjectives: certain, current, original, select, single, small, actual, real, large, big, huge, new, final, larger, next, smaller, last, different, largest.

Common collocations

times group times number times
heroes group heroes number heroes

Both words in one sentence

  • You Are Number 6 In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — A Stitch in Time, the youths training at the Bamarren Institute are not permitted to use their names; instead they are assigned a group and a number.
  • Video Game / Puzzle & Dragons This is really in full effect for these three dungeons because they're considered "urgent" dungeons, which descend for a hour depending on the day, your ID number and group.
  • Ret Gone Dave has the vague impression of his group having six people instead of its actual five and realizes that someone in their number has been erased from existence.
    Source: Ret Gone
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