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Group noun – A usually small number of persons considered as a unit.
Usage example: the next tour group was being seated for dinner

Team is a synonym for group in joint topic. In some cases you can use "Team" instead a noun "Group", when it comes to topics like band, group of four, political party.
Nearby Words: grouping, grouped, groupment
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Team verb – Form a team.
Usage example: We teamed up for this new project

Group is a synonym for team in joint topic. You can use "Group" instead the word "Team" as a noun or a verb, if it concerns topics such as band, group of four, political party.
Nearby Words: teaming, teamwork, teammate, teamed
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How words are described

old old group old team
good good group good team
full full group full team
special special group special team
Other adjectives: elite, rival, original, single, small, entire, large, evil, mercenary, main, new, former, titular, different, local.

Common collocations

point group point team point

Both words in one sentence

  • Sailor Earth However, she was not a part of the original Sailor Senshi team/group of friends and is added based on an answer the creator gave to fans about using Naru as Sailor Earth should she ever be needed.
    Source: Sailor Earth
  • This is when someone names his team/group after himself.
  • Light Novel / Log Horizon First, the protagonist serves as a Big Brother Mentor who prefers to work as a group or a team.
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