Hand and Script


Hand noun - The form or style of a particular person's writing.
Usage example: writes with a flowing, old-fashioned hand

Script is a synonym for hand in handwriting topic. In some cases you can use "Script" instead a noun "Hand", when it comes to topics like manuscript, writing. popular alternative

Nearby Words: handle, handy, handed, handful, handhold


Script noun - The form or style of a particular person's writing.
Usage example: has a neat, careful script with delicate loops
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Synonyms for Script

Hand is a synonym for script in handwriting topic. You can use "Hand" instead a noun "Script", if it concerns topics such as manuscript. popular alternative

Nearby Words: scripture, scripted, scrip, scripting

How words are described

old old hand old script
good good hand good script
full full hand full script
better better hand better script
Other adjectives: right, complete, alien, current, artificial, single, actual, entire, real, wrong, new, final, broken, magical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Viewers Are Morons Script Wank (The creator explicitly spells out a work's message because they don't trust the audience to pick up on the subtext, goes hand in hand with...)
  • Hand Puppet El Goonish Shive once had a full-size filler comic with hand puppets dedicated to explaining a rewrite of the script that had resulted in a delay.
    Source: Hand Puppet
  • Film / Django Unchained This might not be a deliberate Red Herring though, since that hand wound wasn't in the script, and Leonardo DiCaprio really cut his hand by accident during shooting.
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