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Handle noun – A word or combination of words by which a person or thing is regularly known.
Usage example: likes to go by the handle “Champ”

Label and handle are semantically related in tag topic. In some cases you can use "Label" instead a noun "Handle".
Nearby Words: hand, handled, handling, handler, handhold
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Label noun – A slip (as of paper or cloth) that is attached to something to identify or describe it.
Handle and label are semantically related in tag topic. Sometimes you can use "Handle" instead a noun "Label".
Nearby Words: labeled, labelled, labeling
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How words are described

old old handle old label
better better handle better label
current current handle current label
small small handle small label
Other adjectives: actual, real, large, big, tiny, new, former.

Common collocations

people handle people label people
way handle way label way
characters handle characters label characters
game handle game label game
Other nouns: monster, magic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Visual Pun Tom Silva proceeds to place it on the outside of a plastic water bottle which he claims is a convenient handle to label the bottle as "spring water".
    Source: Visual Pun
  • Creator / United Artists In 2014, United Artists was relaunched as an indie label to be headed by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey (producers of The Bible) and will handle multiple platforms such as film, television and Christian media.
  • There's a brand of hot sauce called "You Can't Handle This Hot Sauce" that features a Devil making this challenge on the label.
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