Happiness and Upset


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Happiness noun – The feeling experienced when one's wishes are met.
Usage example: finally found true happiness as a doctor in a poor rural area

Upset is an antonym for happiness in high spirits topic.
Nearby Words: happy, happily
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Upset noun – An act or instance of the order of things being disturbed.
Happiness is an antonym for upset in problem topic.
Nearby Word: upsetting
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How words are described

good good happiness good upset
usual usual happiness usual upset
real real happiness real upset
extreme extreme happiness extreme upset
Other adjectives: great, little, absolute, important, famous, inexplicable, greatest.

Both words in one sentence

  • Al however, being upset by the sheer happiness in which his family would live without him, demanded to return out of sheer spite.
  • Moment Killer Their happiness is, of course, short-lived: Jenon comes charging in to interrogate Gulcasa with no small lack of subtlety or sensitivity, leaving him very confused and upset.
    Source: Moment Killer
  • Take That, Audience! Instead of being upset or disappointed that Gohan is no longer the badass he remembers from the Cell Games, he's happy and envious of Gohan for being able to live his dream, while his happiness was viciously stolen from him.
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