Happy and Melancholy


Happy adjective - Experiencing pleasure, satisfaction, or delight.
Usage example: made bread for the first time and was happy with the tasty result

Melancholy is an antonym for happy in topics: contented, satisfied.

Nearby Words: happiness, happily


Melancholy adjective - Causing unhappiness.
Usage example: the melancholy thought of having to say good-bye to all the friends he had made over the summer

Happy is an antonym for melancholy in topics: sad, depressed.

Nearby Words: melancholic, melancholia

Both words in one sentence

  • Music / Nickel Creek In a similar vein, "Elephant in the Corn" also shifts dramatically between happy-go-lucky passages and slow, melancholy ones.
  • Film / Jules and Jim It starts out happy, with fast editing, jump cuts and fun, and then it gets serious, melancholy and sad, and the editing gets slower and more moody.
  • It's a very melancholy piece of work, but that makes the tentative happy ending all the sweeter.
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